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New Order [1982.12.08] Wellington, New Zealand [FLAC]

New Order
Victoria University
Wellington, New Zealand
Wednesday December 8th, 1982

Lineage: 2nd generation soundboard recording.
Traded 2nd generation Maxell XLII (type II) cassette tape ->
Aiwa ADF770 3-head dual capstan cassette deck -> Creative SB soundcard ->
CoolEdit pro 2.1 -> WAV -> CD-R -> EAC -> WAV -> TLH -> FLAC 8 & .ffp.

Soundboard Recording
FLAC File Format

Track List:
01 - Your Silent Face (8:17)
02 - Temptation (7:22)
03 - Dreams Never End (3:22)
04 - The Him (4:57)
05 - Leave Me Alone (5:33)
06 - In A Lonely Place (5:34)
07 - Hurt (7:46)
08 - Denial (4:34)
09 - Age Of Consent (6:18)
10 - Blue Monday (9:30)
11 - 586 (16:21)

A very good (close to excellent) quality soundboard recording, sourced from a 2nd generation cassette copy of a soundboard recording. The vocals are a bit lower in the mix than other New Order mixing desk recordings I have from around this period, and also the mix has what some might call a bass 'hump', but otherwise it sounds great to me.
Note also that, because there was some noticeable hiss on the original tape (unless it was played back with the original Dolby C - which unfortunately would have made it sound unnaturally compressed in the case of this particular brand of cassette), the hiss has been substantially reduced by me using a gradated (i.e.variable) noise reduction in CoolEdit Pro before originally being transferred to CD-R by me many years ago. No other modifications (other than track splitting) were made to the original sound of the captured tape, either at the time, or later. -Original

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