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Iggy Pop & David Bowie [1977.03.07] London 1977

Iggy Pop & David Bowie
'London 1977'
(Naughty Dog)
Rainbow Theatre
London, England
Monday March 7th, 1977

Very Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Raw Power
02. TV Eye
03. Dirt
04. 1969
05. Turn Blue
06. Fun Time
07. Gimme Danger
08. No Fun
09. Sister Midnight
10. I Need Somebody
11. Search And Destroy
12. I Wanna Be Your Dog
13. Tonight
14. Some Weird Sin
15. China Girl [cut]

The opening night in Aylesbury notwithstanding, two nights at the London Rainbow in March 1977 marked Iggy Pop’s first live performances since the death of the Stooges three years before, and his first UK gigs since 1972. Even the presence of David Bowie as an unobtrusively chainsmoking pianist couldn’t have raised the demand for tickets any higher, and Pop rewarded the ensuing full houses with a performance that matched every description of his stagecraft the audience had ever dreamed of.

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