Saturday, 11 July 2015

U2 - Fruitlegs and Others

Fruitlegs - Apple:
Fruitlegs - Apricot:
Fruitlegs - Banana:
Fruitlegs - Blackberry:
Fruitlegs - Blueberry:
Fruitlegs - Cherry:
Fruitlegs - Chokeberry:
Fruitlegs - Clementine:
Fruitlegs - Coconut:
Fruitlegs - Dates:
Fruitlegs - Dragonfire:
Fruitlegs - Electronic:
Fruitlegs - Gated Community:
Fruitlegs - Grapefruit:
Fruitlegs - Grapes:
Fruitlegs - Greengage:
Fruitlegs - Kiwi:
Fruitlegs - Lime:
Fruitlegs - Lychee:
Fruitlegs - Melon & More: 
Fruitlegs - Miracle Berry
Fruitlegs - Orange:
Fruitlegs - Pineapple:
Fruitlegs - Plum
Fruitlegs - Potato


  1. As you can see, the download links are there with each title.

  2. Are you going to do any more as it stops at 'Potato' :)

    1. All the FRUITLEGS have been posted on this blog. There are others single Fruitleg discs posted separately also. Do a fruitleg seach here, it should pull em' all up for you. If there are any dead links, lemme know and I'll repost them!


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