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Iron Maiden [1985.12.19] Secret Gig (Marquee Club, London)

Iron Maiden 
'Secret Gig'
(1991 Men At Work : WORK 5524-1)
Marquee Club, London, England
Thursday December 19th, 1985

Excellent Audience Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
[01]- Juanita [FM]
[02]- See Right Through You
[03]- Reach Out (Dave Colwell)
[04]- Chevrolet (ZZ Top)
[05]- Lady (Urchin)
[06]- Silver And Gold (Adrian Smith)
[07]- That Girl [FM]
[08]- Fighting Man (Adrian Smith)
[09]- School Days Part 01 (Adrian Smith)
[10]- Drum Solo
[11]- School Days Part 02 (Adrian Smith)
[12]- She Is Gone (Adrian Smith)
[13]- Try (Dave Colwell)
[14]- Losfer Words, Big 'Orra
[15]- 2 Minutes To Midnight
[16]- Rosalie (Bob Seger)
[17]- Tush (ZZ Top)

"Secret" concert at The Marquee Club, London, England.  Most of IRON MAIDEN showed up and played under an assumed name (THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF HACKNEY), and played mainly cover versions, along with a few Maiden originals.  The lineup that night was like this: Adrian Smith (guitar/lead vocals), Bruce Dickinson (vocals on 2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, ROSALIE and TUSH), Dave Colwell (guitar/backing vocals), Andy Barnett (guitar/backing vocals), Nicko McBrain (drums), Mike Connelly (bass), and Kenny Mountain (vocals, and possibly guitar on "Try").  The name, THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF HACKNEY reflects on the fact that Adrian and Dave (Colwell) are from Hackney (which is a part of London). -Original

Even when this one is listed as an Iron Maiden bootleg this one is something else is more a 2/5 of Maiden. At the end of the 1985 world slavery tour the boys took 6 months off, in the meanwhile Mr. Adrian Smith with no personal life in that moment only musical life decide to work in a solo project with the help of Nicko Mc Brain, they started jamming with some friends like Dave Colwell: guitars (Samson) the one who wrote Reach Out (Wasted Years B-side), Andy Barnnet: Guitars (Urchin & FM) he is part of the writers of That Girl (Stranger in a strange land B-side) & Martin Connoly (Nicko's Friend), their set includes songs from all the members and some covers from Thin Lizzy, ZZ top and two Adrian's songs Lady & Silver & Gold.
Nicko arranged two gigs one under the name The Entire population of Hackney & other under the name The Sherman Tankers. This Audience recording was taken from the first show and was the beginning of ASAP (Adrian Smith & Project), Bruce Dickinson & Steve Harris joined the band on stage only for the Encores: Losfer words, 2 minutes to midnight, Rosalie & Tush.
As you can see 3 guitars is not new for Iron Maiden members (This also happened at the 1992 Donington Festival when Adrian Joined the band for Running Free as you can hear in the official recording).
Anyway this is not the full show the song Lady is missing on this label and you can find this track on the other version of this bootleg London Secret Gig – first edition of this document -VillagePhotos




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